Dyson Slim DC44 Animal Vacuum Review (Mk2)

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Dyson Slim DC44 Animal Vacuum Review (Mk2)Today we will be reviewing the Dyson Slim DC44 Animal Vacuum (MK2).

The MK2 is the second version of the DC44. The only change from the initial version is that the battery is now better secured with screws to prevent it from slipping out of the unit.

The DC44 has become a staple for the Dyson brand over the past few years and it has remained at the forefront of the cordless vacuum category.

It’s versatility, durability, and powerful suction have kept it on top for quite some time and it shows no sign of abating anytime soon.

This unit comes with a 2 year warranty directly from Dyson. Amazon also offers an optional 1 year extended protection plan if you’re looking for additional coverage.

If you are considering purchasing a cordless vacuum, look no further than the Dyson DC44!


Product Features

  • Dyson DC44 ChargingThis powerful vacuum has the ability to provide high suction for 20 minutes on a single charge. This makes it one of the most efficient cordless vacuums currently on the market. For tasks requiring additional suction, Dyson has included a boost feature. This allows for extreme suctioning for about 8 minutes.
  • It has one of the smallest motors in the industry yet provides three times the suction of similar cordless vacuums.
  • The DC44 is able to pick up the finest of dust particles due to its carbon fiber brushes. These brushes do an excellent job at cleaning up any mess, particularly on hardwood floors.
  • It also has a set of nylon brushes to reach deep into carpets to clean them thoroughly.
  • Dyson DC44 Pet HairThis unit can operate as either a full length vacuum or a handheld vacuum if the wand is removed. The power head attaches directly to the motor to make it easier to clean in confined spaces. This is especially useful for automotive cleaning.
  • Another innovative feature of this unit is its ability to easily maneuver with the v-ball at its base. The head of the unit can pivot at 180 degrees without any loss of suction.
  • Dyson DC44 Vacuum HighIt can also get into tight spaces and even clean ceilings with ease due to its light weight.
  • As with all Dyson products, it utilizes Root Cyclone technology which transfers dust and dirt directly into the removable bin. There are no filters or bags to replace on this unit which reduces operating cost over the life of the vacuum.
  • Finally, this unit includes several attachments to cover every conceivable space and surface in your home.

Look below for an in-depth discussion about the DC44:


What People are Saying

Close to 80% of people rate this item between 4 and 5 stars. This is a very high rate of customer satisfaction. It is defiitely in-line with what we have come to expect from the Dyson brand.

People love how powerful this unit is. It provides an incredible amount of suction for such a compact vacuum motor.

Dyson DC44 LowThey also appreciate how light the DC44 is. This makes it considerably easier to maneuver and lift.

People love how the DC44 can access areas that were previously off limits to vacuums unless you decided to use attachments or move furniture. It can easily vacuum beneath couches and on top of cabinets.

They also state how vacuuming without a cord makes life much easier.

Many were apprehensive about purchasing a cordless vacuum due to battery and suction concerns but they quickly found that this unit proved them wrong at every turn (pun intended).

As far as the naysayers, some people cite issues with the canister filling too quickly and the suction not being to their liking. However, this comprises a very small faction of the overall reviews.


Bottom Line

Appliance Savvy gives this Dyson vacuum an undisputed two thumbs up.

Dyson Slim DC44 Animal Vacuum Review (Mk2)It does everything we’d like to see in a cordless vacuum and much more.

It’s powerful, lightweight, durable, versatile, and comfortable. This unit is one every household should have.

Dyson continually proves themselves as industry leaders; designing innovative features to increase efficiency and provide a superior cleaning experience. That is exactly what this cordless vacuum does.

The Dyson Slim DC44 Animal Vacuum (MK2) will make your life much easier while keeping your house cleaner!

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