iRobot Roomba 650 vs 870: A Detailed Comparison

iRobot 650 Review A Top Rated Robot VacuumiRobot Roomba 650 vs 870Today we will break down all of the similarities and differences between the Roomba 650 and 870.

Both of these robot vacuums do an excellent job at passive floor cleaning. However, not all robotic vacuum cleaners are created equal.

iRobot has made significant improvements in their technology over the years and it certainly shows in the 870.

Some of these advancements over the 650 include new optical sensors, extractors, and battery.

Below are some of the most notable similarities and differences in the iRobot Roomba 650 vs 870 models.


Battle of the Roombas


  • The Roomba 650 and 870 models both have 7 day scheduling capability. The user simply inputs the days and times they want the Roomba to clean and it will do so on a daily basis. Alternatively, the user can press the Clean button on the top of the unit to initiate a manual cleaning session.
  • iRobot Roomba 650 TransferBoth of these Roombas can deal with virtually any flooring surface found in your home. These surfaces include rugs, laminate, tile, carpet, hardwood, and many more. When going between flooring surfaces, these Roombas will automatically adjust to account for the change.
  • iRobot Roomba 3 stageA 3-stage cleaning system is employed with both of these Roomba vacuum cleaners. These stages consist of agitation, brushing, and suctioning of debris from the floor.
  • iRobot Roomba 870 CleaningBecause of its circular design, it’s difficult for these robotic vacuum cleaners to get into areas such as corners. As a result, iRobot has included a spinning side brush that extends from beneath these units to get into hard to reach areas.
  • Acoustic sensors are integrated into these Roomba vacuums to find areas that are dirtier than others. This allows the Roombas to spend more time where it is necessary opposed to spending an equal amount of time on both clean and dirty areas.
  • These robotic vacuum cleaners are able to get into areas that aren’t frequently vacuumed like under furniture. Their slim profile allows them to get beneath practically any object in your home where dust can accumulate.
  • The navigation system on these Roombas, referred to as the iAdapt Navigation System, allow them to seamlessly move around objects on your living areas.
  • iRobot Roomba StairsSensors on these robotic vacuum cleaners communicate to the Roombas when they are by a staircase or ledge. They will subsequently recognize this and head in the other direction.
  • iRobot Roomba 650 Virtual WallThe included infrared virtual wall sensors act as artificial barriers to keep the Roombas out of rooms you don’t want vacuumed.
  • Lastly, both of these Roomba vacuums can recognize when they are low on battery and will return to their charging stations to fill their batteries. If they ran out prior to finishing their cleaning, they will resume upon recharging.



  • iRobot Roomba Side BrushThe Roomba 870 receives a new second generation motor. iRobot states that this new motor produces 5 times the power and 50% more cleaning performance compared to the motor found in the Roomba 650.
  • Another major upgrade is the addition of optical sensors in the 870. These new sensors work together with the acoustic sensors to hone in on dirtier areas on your floors. This greatly increases the 870’s ability to find the areas that need the most attention.
  • iRobot AeroForce SystemThe standard brush extractors found in the Roomba 650 have been replaced with rubberized extractors in the Roomba 870. These new extractors do a significantly better job at removing dirt and debris from your floors. They also don’t need as much intervention for things like tangled hair. That was a major complaint among Roomba 650 and 770 owners.
  • Lastly, a new lithium ion battery in the 870 replaces the nickel-metal hydride battery found in the 650. This new battery has about the same battery life as the old one but can now withstand double the amount of charging cycles before requiring replacement.

Here is a video demonstration for the iRobot Roomba 650:

Here is an informational clip about the Roomba 870:


What People are Saying

iRobot has received tons of positive reviews for their Roomba 650 and 870 models.

The vast majority of people have nothing but great things to say about them. They don’t miss manually vacuuming their homes for one minute and wonder how they’ve lived for so long without owning one.

People enjoy the relatively quiet operating volume these units work at and how they are safe to use around their family pets.

Those who have owned the 870 along with a prior model state that there’s no competition between them.

iRobot Roomba 870 TransferThey say that the 870 is able to lift more than double the amount of debris from their floors and does a considerably better job with carpeted areas.

Maintaining these Roomba vacuums is very simple. Owners state that it takes a relatively short amount of time to empty the collection bin and replace the filter when necessary.

Overall, people really enjoy owning both of these Roomba vacuums and the vacuuming freedom it affords them.


Bottom Line

These Roomba vacuum cleaners are some of the best on the robot vacuum market.

They will roam your homes in search of dirt on your floors so that you don’t have to any longer.

iRobot Roomba 870 ScheduleOur expectations from iRobot have been awfully high from their inception and they never seem to disappoint. The Roomba 650 and 870 models are certainly evidence of the quality we’ve grown accustomed to from this company.

With that being said, the Roomba 870 is far better than the 650 for a multitude of factors ranging from its new motor to the updated sensors, extractors, and battery.

When it comes to the iRobot Roomba 650 vs 870 models, the 870 takes the cake hands down.

If you can afford the higher price of the 870, we highly recommend purchasing that model.

Click the following to see their price on Amazon: Roomba 650 or Roomba 870

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