Jura Impressa J9 Review: Stick with the Ena 9!

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Jura Impressa J9 ReviewOur Jura Impressa J9 Review (Model 13592) will tell you everything you need to know about this high-end espresso machine.

Although this is the most versatile Jura machine we’ve reviewed to date, it appears that many people are dissatisfied with its performance.

There is a high rate of unit failure and for that reason, we advocate purchasing the Jura Ena 9 one touch machine instead. That unit has a proven track record and is capable of making many of the same drinks at about half the price of the J9.

With that being said, this is still quite an impressive unit if you get a properly functioning one.

Jura includes a 2 year warranty if your unit fails in any way. This alleviates some of the risk and/or concern you may have when considering this purchase. In addition, Amazon offers 3 and 4 year equipment protection options.

If you’re thinking about buying a high-end espresso machine, this is certainly one of your options.


Product Features

  • The Jura J9 is a multi-purpose espresso machine that has several different functions. It is capable of making:
    • 1 latte macchiato
    • 1 cappuccino
    • 2 coffees simultaneously
    • 1 coffee
    • 2 espressi simultaneously
    • 1 espresso
    • 2 ristretti simultaneously
    • 1 ristretto
  • Jura J9 ScreenIt has a beautiful color TFT screen with a rotary selector which allows for quick one-touch operation for your desired beverage.
  • As with other Jura machines, this one contains a multi-level conical burr grinder with hardened steel heads and a powerful 15 bar high-performance pump.
  • Jura J9 DrinkThe head of the J9 is height-adjustable. It can be raised to accommodate glasses up to 6 inches tall. This is a handy feature since it can be raised or lowered based on the size of the cup beneath it.
  • Its revolutionary thermoblock heating system allows for quick heating times so you do not have to wait around for the unit to warm up.
  • There are endless possibilities with this unit including the ability to manually select your drink’s strength, amount of water, and temperature.
  • An energy saving mode ensures that the unit is not wasting energy while it is idle.
  • As with most Jura machines, this unit has an integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling program. This ensures that your unit is always sanitary and ready to use.
  • The J9 comes with a stainless steel vacuum milk container as well. It attaches to the head of the unit to produce a very light foam atop of your favorite drinks.
  • This unit measures in at 11.2″ wide by 13.5″ high by 17″ deep and weighs 24 lbs.
  • The J9 has a beautiful fascia with its double-coated silver lacquer finish.

Below is a video that will walk you through all of the J9’s capabilities:


What People are Saying

The consensus of the J9 is pretty mixed. 56% of people rate it between 4 and 5 stars which is significantly below Appliance Savvy’s threshold of 70%. Furthermore, 36% of people give this a 1 to 2 star rating.

Jura J9 Drink 3Some people absolutely love this unit and find that it operates flawlessly. They state that it exceeds all of their expectations and has become a permanent fixture in their household.

They love how seamlessly it operates. It is very user-friendly and the beautiful color screen makes using this machine a cinch.

People also love the one-touch cleaning feature. It makes maintaining this espresso machine considerably easier.

However, there are plenty of people out there that have had their units completely fail on them. Fortunately, most of them have been inside the warranty period so they were able to either get a new unit or their money back.

Reviewers also state that the drinks come out much colder than other machines. They are no pleased with the cup of coffee that it produces.


Bottom Line

We think purchasing the J9 is an unnecessary risk since there are plenty of other Jura products that perform much better and cost less.

Jura J9 Drink 2Jura is a high-end name in the espresso machine market and we were quite surprised to read so much negative feedback on this unit.

Although some have had pleasant experiences, we cannot place our confidence behind it with such a high rate of customer dissatisfaction.

The Jura Ena 9 seems like a much more sensible alternative as it is both cheaper and much more highly regarded among reviewers.

Therefore, we are unwilling to advocate the purchase of this machine and advise sticking with the Ena 9 instead.

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