Kitchenaid Professional 6000 HD Mixer Review (Model KSM6573CER)

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Kitchenaid Professional 6000 HD Mixer Review (Model KSM6573CER)This Kitchenaid Professional 6000 HD Mixer (Model KSM6573CER) is the perfect kitchen appliance for those serious about cooking. This versatile, high-end stand mixer packs a serious punch!

Not only can it perform all of the duties of a stand mixer with ease but it can transform into a multi-purpose kitchen appliance with the use of its power hub feature.

This particular mixer goes up and beyond the capabilities of a conventional mixer. Its industrial-strength motor coupled with its large bowl capacity makes it a culinary force to be reckoned with.

Kitchenaid Professional 6000 HD Mixer Model KSM6573CER WarrantyIncluded with purchase is a 1 Year Hassle-Free Warranty directly from Kitchenaid for peace of mind.

This stand mixer is a big industry favorite and it’s no surprise why so many people make it their mixer of choice!


Product Features

  • Kitchenaid Professional 6000 HD Mixer Model KSM6573CER BowlThis product has a 6 quart capacity which is larger than most household mixers (Click here for a 5 quart version). The extra deep stainless steel bowl contains an ergonomic handle and is dishwasher safe. This bowl can hold enough dough for over 8 loaves of bread!
  • This particular mixer is a bowl-lift model which means that the bowl raises up to the mixer head opposed to the tilt-back models where the head pivots away from the bowl. The bowl is raised and lowered using a handle located on the side of the machine. This bowl-lift style provides extra stability when mixing heavy ingredients.
  • To ensure proper and thorough mixing, this stand mixer contacts 67 different points in the bowl on each rotation. Anything you place inside it will be mixed continuously.
  • Kitchenaid Professional 6000 HD Mixer Model KSM6573CER FrontLocated on the front of the unit’s head is the power hub. This mechanism allows the user to attach optional accessories such as food grinders, pasta makers, ice cream makers, and many more (here are a few of these attachments). The power hub transforms this product from a stand mixer into a muli-purpose food preparation appliance. It eliminates the need for having multiple appliances to perform each individual task. The user simply pushes the attachment into the power hub and it’s ready for use.
  • This Kitchenaid stand mixer has an impressive 1 HP motor. This industrial-strength motor is ideal for large quantities of thick material such a dough. Quite honestly, this unit has more power than you will probably ever require. It will make light work of the densest materials out there!
  • In addition, there are 10 adjustable speed settings which can be selected on the side of the unit’s head. We love how Kitchenaid has included so many settings as it allows us to cater the mixing speed to the density of the bowl’s contents.
  • Along with the mixer, this unit includes a flat beater, dough hook, and wire whip.
  • This model measures 13.3″ wide by 16.5″ high by 14.6″ deep and weighs 25lbs.

Here is a video of this 6 quart stand mixer in action:


What People are Saying

Just head over to Amazon and you’ll see tons of reviews of people swearing by this item! 81% of the reviews are rated between 4 and 5 stars which should be a testament to how this product performs.

Kitchenaid Professional 6000 HD Mixer Model KSM6573CER SidePeople state that this unit is very powerful. Seldom do they need to take it up to the maximum speed setting.

Many of the reviewers rave about how easy and intuitive the unit is to use. They state that it has made their food prep work so much easier than conventional stand mixers.

Another major point that people love about this unit is the ability to add attachments. Some people use this machine more for the attachments than they do for mixing. You’ll see plenty of reviews of people making their own pasta and even making ice cream for the first time.

Lastly, people love the way this unit looks on their counter tops. It looks amazing and commands attention when you enter the kitchen.

Some have complained of the sound it makes during operation but we honestly don’t see it being much louder than other stand mixers we’ve reviewed.


Bottom Line

This Kitchenaid stand mixer is an absolute work horse! It should serve as a staple in any serious cooker’s arsenal!

Kitchenaid Professional 6000 HD Mixer Model KSM6573CER BlackIts raw mixing power coupled with its ability to add attachments makes this one of the most versatile kitchen appliances one could have. Since when can you make ice cream with the same machine you use for mixing dough?

Kitchenaid always does a wonderful job at producing top-notch appliances and this unit certainly fits the bill. They have an established track record and put out some of the highest quality kitchen appliances on the market today.

This machine provides so much bang for the buck and has such a high rate of customer satisfaction that we have a hard time considering other stand mixers.

Therefore, Appliance Savvy gives this Kitchenaid Professional 6000 HD Mixer (Model KSM6573CER) an unequivocal stamp of approval!

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