Neato D80 Review: A Versatile Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Neato D80 ReviewOur Neato D80 Review will examine all aspects of this robotic vacuum cleaner.

This autonomous vacuum is one of the best units we’ve reviewed to date.

It’s ability to accurately map your living space makes it one of the most efficient robot vacuums out there.

The Botvac D80 is a phenomenal all around vacuum but is specifically engineered for tougher tasks like excessive pet hair.

Homes with pets and allergy sufferers have seen drastic improvement in their living situations.

This robot vacuum includes a 1 year warranty from Neato. 2 and 3 year extended protection options are also available from Amazon.

Now let’s get into some of this vacuum’s features.


Product Features

  • Neato Botvac D80 Vacuuming PatternThe D80 uses Neato’s LaserSmart technology to map your home’s floors. This allows it to map your rooms and detect objects in them rather than aimlessly bumping around in hopes of cleaning everything. Neato claims that this technology results in the D80 cleaning your living area up to 4 times faster than other robot vacuum cleaners.
  • Neato’s SpinFlow system in the D80 uses a combination of brushes and suction to lift dirt and debris off your home’s floors.
  • Neato Botvac D80 Floor 2The unique “D” shape of this robot vacuum coupled with its CornerClever technology allows it to get into corners and along walls much closer than other robot vacuums.
  • A 7 day programmable schedule is integrated into this robot vacuum. The user simply selects the days and times for cleaning using the Auto-Schedule display screen located on the top of the unit. There is also a Start button to begin an unscheduled cleaning.
  • Neato Botvac D80 ChargingThe Botvac D80 includes a charging base where its battery is automatically refilled. Once the D80 is running low on battery, it will return to its base, recharge, and resume cleaning from where it left off.
  • Sensors on this robot vacuum tell it when it is nearing a staircase. This allows the D80 to safely turn around so it doesn’t get damaged.
  • Boundary Markers are included with this unit. These markers are used to prevent the D80 from going into rooms you don’t want vacuumed.
  • Neato Botvac D80 TileNeato claims that its brush is 50% larger than other robot vacuums because of its “D” shape design. This allows it to get within 10 millimeters of walls. Its low profile also ensures that it can get beneath your household furniture with ease.
  • The D80 uses a .7 liter dirt bin to collect debris. Neato claims that this is larger than its circular robot rivals. The bin is removed from the top of the robot rather than the side or bottom as seen with other robotic vacuum cleaners. This makes for clean and seamless bin removal.
  • This vacuum cleaner also does a great job at lifting all types of hair from the floor. Neato states that the D80 can pick up more hair than any of its competitors.
  • Neato Botvac D80 Included FiltersThis unit includes a Spiral Blade Brush which is good for all types of flooring, a Combo Brush which is great for hair and has a lower operating volume, and 2 high performance filters to trap dust.
  • The Neato Botvac D80 measures 13.2″ wide by 3.9″ high by 12.7″ deep and weighs 9 lbs.

Check out this demonstration on the Neato D80:


What People are Saying

77% of Amazon purchasers give the D80 a 4 to 5 star rating.

Neato Botvac D80 PetsPeople claim that this robot vacuum picks up a significant amount of hair and debris from their floors. They are astonished every time they empty the bin.

Operating volume was noted to be very low. User didn’t find that this vacuum was overly noisy or annoying to be around while it was roaming their homes.

Allergy sufferers have noticed that their symptoms have been significantly reduced. The D80 gets into corners and beneath objects where allergens tend to accumulate.

One of the main benefits people cite is its gentle operation. It doesn’t harshly bump into walls, rather it detects when its nearing a wall or object and slows down to get as close as possible to it.

Those who have owned this vacuum and the XV-21 state that the D80 is a drastically improved model. They find that it is able to get their floors much cleaner and doesn’t get hung up on things nearly as often. The dirt bin is also much larger which means it doesn’t have to be emptied as often.


Bottom Line

The Neato Botvac D80 is a wonderful autonomous vacuum cleaner.

Neato Botvac D80 FloorIt has tons of great technology which enable it to clean efficiently, quietly, and gently.

This robot vacuum’s size and shape allow it to get into tight spaces and beneath objects. We love the “D” shape design and how it can get into corners and clean walls better than other robot vacuums we’ve reviewed.

Neato has been doing a great job with their robot vacuum products and the D80 is just another testament to that.

When weighing your options for a robot vacuum, keep the D80 at the top of your list!

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