Panasonic NN-SN661S Microwave Oven Review

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Panasonic NN-SN661S Microwave Oven ReviewThis Panasonic NN-SN661S Microwave Oven is an extremely popular unit and for good reason!

It has about 3,000 reviews on Amazon; most of which are very favorable.

Panasonic provides a 1 year warranty on all parts and labor. In addition, this unit includes a 5 year warranty on the magnetron tube (used to generate microwaves for cooking).

This appliance has everything you would expect from a modern microwave oven with the Panasonic name to back it up. The reviews on this product speak volumes about its quality.

If you’re looking for a new microwave, you should definitely consider this Panasonic unit.


Product Features

  • The NN-SN661S is a powerful microwave utilizing 1200 watts. This allows the user to cook foods faster than conventional microwaves which are typically around 700-1000 watts.
  • Panasonic NN-SN661S - 1This microwave has 1.2 cubit feet of capacity. This is more than enough space to cook a meal for two people. It is also large enough to fit irregularly shaped bowls and dishes.
  • Inside this unit is a 13.5″ glass turntable disc. Panasonic made this disc removable for easy cleaning.
  • This unit contains the “inverter” stamp which ensures the food is evenly cooked. This is drastically different than conventional microwaves which deliver periodic bursts of power to cook the food.
  • Also included is the turbo defrost function which significantly reduces the amount of time required to defrost frozen foods.
  • Two of my favorite functions on this microwave are the One-Touch Genius Sensor Cook and Reheat functions. The One-Touch feature utilizes automatic sensors to determine the power level and timing for your desired foods. The Reheat function allows you to reheat your food without overcooking it.
  • The user has the ability to manually control the different power levels so that you can determine the cooking intensity.
  • If you’re just looking to keep food warm while you do something else, there is a convenient Keep Warm button.
  • The face of the unit is finished in stainless steel and measures 15 15/16″ Deep by 20 3/8″ Wide by 11 7/8″ High and weighs in at 25.3 lbs.
  • Located in the upper left-hand corner of the microwave is a small indentation which allows the door to swing open smoothly every time.
  • This microwave can easily switch between languages. It comes pre-programmed to display commands in English, Spanish, or French.

Check out the video below for a quick summary of the features described above:


What People are Saying

The general consensus on Amazon is favorable with 72% of people rating it between 4 and 5 stars.

The number one thing that people rave about with this unit is its cooking speed. The inverter technology cooks their food over 40% faster than conventional microwaves. People also find that the food is cooked much more evenly and consistently than their previous microwave.

Not only does it cook their food quickly, but it also defrosts their food significantly faster than other units. People really appreciate the reduced defrosting time.

Another major benefit that people love is its large capacity. They can cook much more in one session that their past machine.

Finally, although a minor detail, many people seem to love the fact that the light does not illuminate upon opening the door. They cite frustration with changing bulbs in prior machines so this should allow the bulb to last longer. Others have stated that they like this feature because they like leaving the door open after cooking to allow water to evaporate.

With that being said, there are a few noted instances of this unit failing prematurely. The lion’s share of units that did fail were within the warranty period. However, cases of unit failure comprise a small portion of the overall reviews.


Bottom Line

This unit is a great value for such a superb, high-capacity microwave.

Panasonic NN-SN661SIt is very powerful and capable of cooking your favorite foods in considerably less time than other microwaves.

Panasonic is a high-quality name in the kitchen appliance market so we generally tend to trust their products.

People have expressed their love for this unit and are happy with their purchasing decision.

The overwhelming majority of units seem to operate well so we wouldn’t put too much stock in the negative reviews.

This Panasonic NN-SN661S Microwave Oven should be considered by anyone in the market for a new microwave!

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